#Solartech is announcing Aly2 Solar Station with a supercomputer built-in.

Meshbackbone Super Block Chain

Solartech is announcing Aly2 Solar Station will have a supercomputer built-in. Meshbackbone will begin testing parallel supermining and use mined cryptocurrency to exponentially grow the network.

03/18/2018 – Meshbackbone, the innovative Internet service provider, will begin testing Solartech Aly2 parallel supercomputer as a miner. Alex Patrut, inventor and founder, recently shared: “We are trying to create something amazingly unique. We are building a new parallel mesh supercomputer that will grow 2 TFLOPS with each wireless solar station deployed. We are working on Epiphany Routing Logic and we are getting ready to implement the next generation WGPIO.” Solartech is planning to finalize Aly2 by the end of 2018 with the capacity to continuously support a 200 watt-hour load.

Mr. Patrut mentioned that they are heading into the unknown, with testing and experimenting being the only ways to find out the true potential– “This has never been done before, there are no instructions, no specifications, no recommendations.  The potential we are envisioning is mind blowing, and it could revolutionize the industry from AI, cloud computing to blockchain. Right now we don’t know if it’s going to work, we need to test, fail, learn and keep testing.”

Meshbackbone will begin collaborating with i-Laboratory.org , the Seattle based research and development incubator and begin testing ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) mining as an immediate source of income to fund the project. The cryptocurrency name is not announced.

“The entire project is based on a clear choice to help the world. This dream is fueled by passion, vision and determination, but unfortunately, dreams don’t pay the bills, money does. I’ve been using my own money and savings because I believe a Big Idea is bigger than its Idea person. Our funds are getting depleted but cryptocurrency mining could help us fund and continue this project. We need to be creative so we don’t lose momentum and reach a complete stop. If we ever reach that point, I just hope the next person will learn from our success and shortcomings and continue on this mission to provide free Internet for all.” – Alex Patrut

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