Meshbackbone is testing Solartech Station Aly1

Meshbackbone is testing Solartech Station Aly1 in a Seattle residential neighborhood


02/24/18  –  Recently, Meshbackbone and Solartech announced a strategic partnership in an effort to deploy the world’s first, solar powered multi-gigabit mesh wireless network.

Today, Meshbackbone successfully deployed Aly1 and started monitoring the performance. The company installed the test unit on Beacon Hill. The founder and CEO, Alex Patrut , describes the experience: “It went unbelievably fast. We anchored the two mounting brackets in under five minutes. At that point, we placed the all-in-one-unit in the bracket and used the security bolts to lock it down.”

Solartech Station Aly1 is a patent pending solar wireless station. It’s design eliminates the installation cost and speeds up the deployment. “We see the stupendous benefits in new network installations. We don’t need to attach to poles, we don’t need to dig or bore, we don’t need certified installers, we don’t need to assemble anything. If we don’t need to do any of that, it saves us time and money” said Alex Patrut.

For the next couple of months, Meshbackbone will work with the City of Seattle to receive right of way utility permits and deploy more units.


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