Meshbackbone is launching free Internet service in Seattle

Mesh InfrastructureMeshbackbone is launching free Internet service in Seattle by implementing 100% solar powered Multi-Gigabit wireless stations.

02/27/18 – The innovative Internet service provider announced on Tuesday a project proposal to pilot 42 stations. The new network will cover 1/2 square mile of a Seattle neighborhood on Beacon Hill. The team started testing Solartech Station Aly1, a Patent Pending solar powered station announced a few weeks ago by Solartech.

The wireless network on Beacon Hill will be the first in the world to deliver 10 Gbps public WiFi connectivity.  In collaboration with , Meshbackbone is also testing B.A.T.M.A.N (Better Approach To Mobile Ad-hoc Networking) a Layer 2 protocol.

Founder and CEO, Alex Patrut in a recent interview mentioned that “the recent collaboration with Free Public Network will help us provide free unlimited Internet up to 2 Mbps per device.”

According to Mr. Patrut, users will have paid options to upgrade for prioritized traffic and faster speeds. This includes access to premium features and services. “Aly1 eliminates a large percentage of operational cost. We figured that even a small percentage of premium customers will be enough to cover our expenses. I believe if we offer good value and quality products and services, a free user will prefer to be a paying customer. This business model will keep us motivated to continuously improve and innovate.”

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